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An introduction to R&D Tax Solutions

R&D Tax Solutions is a Manchester based tax consultancy. They assist companies in claiming and maximising HMRC’s tax reliefs which are not widely known to most business owners.

Latest HMRC statistics show that 9 out 10 businesses are missing out on R&D tax relief. Most business owners aren’t even aware this is available to all UK Limited companies.  With an average annual relief exceeding £47,000, more and more businesses are beginning to take advantage of this cash boost to get ahead of their competition.

This is where R&D Tax Solutions comes in. Their team will take care of everything from your initial eligibility assessment call, to speaking to HMRC on your behalf and ensuring you quickly receive the money.

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Relief Explained

R&D tax relief is an incentive from the Government to help UK companies deliver various technical and technological innovations. It is delivered via HMRC in the form of a tax relief or a tax credit.

Your businesses could easily qualify for this tax relief provided you are working on technical projects and activities that drive a technological advancement in your business field.

But many business owners are unsure what projects and activities would qualify. These could be widely varying – e.g. software development, automation, various bespoke interfaces between business systems, factory optimisations, adaption of new materials… the list is endless.

See if your business qualifies, using the R&D tax solutions online tool

To speak to a member of their friendly team, call 0161 298 1010 or email